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About the Oslocks

We (Austin and Wende Oslock) are  recently married vegetarian feminists who love resource management board games, naps, furry animals, yoga, going out to eat, kids movies, washing each other’s back in the shower, politically engaging conversations (mostly Wende), Radiolab, picking up recycling, the idea of gardening, dancing up a sweat, staying up late talking like teenage girls at a sleepover, tie-dye, avoiding cleaning at all costs, alternative transportation, giving advice, attempting to be good listeners, smiling at strangers, reusable water bottles, hugging trees and small bushes, petting cows in the streets of India, groups hugs, and generally living life like it’s a celebration. We graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in Spring 2014, and we will become students at The Ohio State University College of Medicine in Fall 2015. Currently we’re residing in Gujarat, India volunteering at Gram Seva Hospital as part of a gap year. We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a baby on the way.




Our peanut of a child - you can see the arrow pointing at its gelatinous foot!

Our peanut of a child – you can see the arrow pointing at its gelatinous foot!

Baby Oslock

Hair Color: Fingers crossed for a ginger

Eye Color:  A mystery – though based on genetic analysis of our family, probably some variation of blue

General features of personality: Preferrably positive.

Baby Oslock’s Current Interests: As of 11/14/2014, Baby Oslock is approximately the size of a grape and enjoys passing its time wiggling newly formed gelatinous webbed limbs. In the afternoon, it enjoys imagining what it will be like to have all 5 senses and breathe real air.