Contact Us & Mailing

Hello World!

If you would like to contact us personally, you may do so in a few ways.

  1. Fill out the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Email us directly at our new emails:
  3. The texting application “WhatsApp”
    • Austin:  +1 304 731 9987
    • Wende:  +91 78 74 114082
  4. NOTE: Packages have been taking a very long time to travel. For that reason (and the fact that we will be home in 7 weeks!!!) we would kindly ask for no more packages to be sent. Thank you for all of the wonderful packages we have received thus far! 🙂  Good ol’ snail mail 🙂
    • A few notes about sending mail:
      • PLEASE do not feel obligated to send us anything. It will probably cost a small fortune (or limb), and we would not want to impose that on anyone.
      • Courier services do not travel to this address – the ONLY service that should be able to reach us is the national postal service (USPS).
      • Mailing Address:
        Wende and Austin Oslock

        C/O  Gram Seva Hospital
        Kharel,  N.H. No 8
        Ta. Gandevi, Dist. Navsari – 396 430

Shipping Wish List

  • Very hard cheeses (Parmesan, Asiago etc.) – they ship surprising well! (Note: Please ship in plastic bag, just in case)
  • Mac & Cheese (Preferably Easy Macs – depackaged, or velveeta shells)
  • Sandwich crackers variety packs (cheddar cheese, sour cream and onion etc. )
  • Kind Granola Bars (any flavor without raisins)
  • Cliff Bars
    • MOJO Peanut Butter (Wende)
    • Sierra Trail Mix (Austin)
  • Wheat round crackers
  • Time magazine / reading materials
  • Peanut Butter
  • Sonicare toothbrush, E Series (ours broke, and we have 5 extra E series heads)
  • We’ll add other things as we think of them, and feel free to ask us if you have ideas too 🙂
  • DVDs
    • Iron Man 3
    • Tangled
    • Fight Club
    • Batman: The Dark Night Rises
    • Avatar




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